Previous School: Teddington School

Studied: BTEC Media Production | BTEC Performing Arts | Fine Art

Extension study: Theatre Workshop (Year 1)

“I can do both A Level and BTEC courses here… which will aid me in real life situations.”

​​Since coming to Esher, my teachers have helped me during trying times, I received supportive emails and chats from them after my grandmother passed, each of them being kind and understanding, supporting me in lessons and with coursework. All the teachers try hard to help students in need, which I find to be very admirable and important. 

My courses: Esher enabled me to take a fully creative range of courses and reassured me that taking BTEC subjects are just as valid for when I apply to university. I struggled with exams at GCSE, but the fact I can do both A Level and BTEC courses here, means I’m learning the skills and practical elements of my subjects through coursework, which will aid me in real life situations. Rather than take a written exam about acting, I get to perform. I’m also learning how to edit a short film to a professional standard. These aspects really influenced my decision when picking a college. 

Best Bits: One of my biggest highlights was the Fosse show – based on the music and dance of Bob Fosse - at the end of my first year for Performing Arts. The cast are all very close friends now and it made the whole experience of being on stage more enjoyable. A big highlight of the College is the Learning Resource Centres, these are quiet locations where students can work in their free time with access to some amazing online resources and texts. 

​​​After Esher, I’ve been offered places in all of my university choices to study Film Production. Right now, Portsmouth is my first choice. ​