Aaron came to Esher from Hollyfield School to study Physical Education, Economics and Biology.

“I wanted a change and a new, more mature learning environment, without year 7s running around. I was also drawn to the exciting range of courses that wasn’t available at my current school. I don’t know what I want to do after Esher, but I feel happy knowing I have lots of options”.

Extension Studies: Men's Rugby Team

Boy on rugby pitch

Game Day is Wednesday

An example day in Aaron's timetable

New Thames Ditton Train Station Sign


Travel to college

I have an easy journey into College. I jump on a train at the end of my road, and it only takes 4 minutes to get to Thames Ditton station – easy as!

Rugby team training


Period 1 - Physical Education

Periods 1 and 2 are always a double – whatever the subject.

I really enjoy PE and my teacher Cate is great. I did PE for my GCSEs and I was expecting it to be a similar structure. However, A Level PE digs deeper into the theories behind sports and sports performance, and we do a practical in one sport. I have chosen rugby.

Cafe staff holding out a costa and a muffin



A 15 min break to go grab a drink and a snack.

Sit Ups


Period 2 - Physical Education

Back into PE, where we are learning how physiological factors underpin performance. I am looking forward to learning more about sport psychology in athlete development. Today we are looking at endurance. 100 sit-ups in a bleep test. Easy!



Period 3 - Economics

This is a really interesting class and is challenging – in a good way. It’s very thought provoking. As I am in first year, we have been studying micro concepts and key macro features of the UK economy, in particular.

Pizza Landscape


Period - Lunch

I have a rugby game this afternoon, so I am going to go to the café on campus and fuel up – probably with a pizza. They’re pretty good. And then I need to go and warm up for the game.

On other days, I might walk around to the Co-op with some friends and get some food there.

Boy on rugby pitch


Period 5 - Rugby

Wednesday is game day at Esher. All our sports fixtures are played on a Wednesday afternoon.

It’s a warm-up first and then into our kit.

Men's Rugby


Period 6 - Rugby

Today, Godalming College is coming to us. It’s going to be a close one!


Home time

We won! Now it’s time to go home.

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