Previous School: Esher Church of England High School

Studied: Biology | Chemistry | Fine Art

Extension study: Introduction to Psychology (Year 1), EPQ (Year 2)

“I could not have chosen a better College or feel more settled or happier after my first term.”

​​I really enjoy the informalities of college life, for example, the relaxed dress code and having control of my study time. However, there is also an excellent framework to ensure all students stay on track with learning and homework. In the first year I had my own chemistry mentor, who was a Year 2 student and they have helped me enormously. This year I have become a mentor myself next year. I’m really proud already to have been nominated as a Biology Ambassador and I am looking forward to promoting the department at events and Open Evening, as well as bringing ideas to the table to enable better learning for students. I could not have chosen a better college or feel more settled or happier after my first term.

My courses: I was a little apprehensive in starting here as I knew the transition from High School would be quite different and a big step up. However, any concerns were allayed with the incredible support from all my tutors and teachers. I even changed one of my chosen subjects after careful guidance from my tutor. This was one of the best decisions I have made because I now have a balance of arts and sciences in my study programme. We are actively persuaded to attend events and career talks outside of College. This has not only enhanced my studies but looks great on my CV too!

Best Bits: There is an abundance of clubs and societies beyond your core curriculum, as well as great support for students who may feel under pressure or require further help.

After Esher, I hope to achieve my goal of studying medicine at Imperial College, London.  For students thinking about sixth form college, I have a few bits of important advice; ​

• Ultimately do what you are passionate about, as that is where your focus and hard work will lie. 

• If you are starting a new subject you have never done before, come in with an open mind, you may grow to truly love it. 

• And finally, maybe download a map for you first day