​​All of our students wishing to apply to university will be guided through the UCAS application process through a combination of College events and activities, including our Higher Education Day and After Esher Day, and tutorials which are delivered through our Personal Development Programme. In addition, students can also make one-to-one appoi​ntments with our Progression Guidance Team at any stage along the process.

Former students wishing to apply to university

If you are a former Esher Sixth Form College student, please follow the instructions in the PDF below when completing your UCAS form.​

Make sure you are clear which qualifications you took using this form:

Courses offered by Esher Sixth Form College - correct titles and boards for UCAS Apply 2022​

UCAS Deadlines for 2022​:

Esher College 2022 UCAS Apply deadlines

Completing your UCAS form as a former Esher student

Tracking your U​CAS form

​​How to complete the UCAS form:

​​​​​​​​Hint: Press f11 to toggle full-screen for​ the content on your web browser.