​​​Where do our students go when they leave Esher Sixth Form College?​

Nottingham Trent University

The majority of our students go on to university after leaving Esher. However, a growing proportion of our students are applying for apprenticeships and we also have students who choose to take a gap year, go into full time employment and those who enrol on Art Foundation Courses. The pie chart below shows the breakdown of destinations from our 2023 leavers.

University Destinations

809 students went on to study at university in September 2023. Please click on the following link to see the UCAS Destination Map. This map shows the number of students accepted to UK universities and colleges from Esher Sixth Form College in 2023​:​


Esher Sixth Form College students attend high quality universities. The following table shows the proportions of students who accept places at different types of universities, based on the grades or ‘tariff’ they demand. The Higher Tariff universities include the Russell Group and the Sutton Trust’s list of 30 of the most selective, research-intensive universities. ​

Provider Tariff Group

2023 Leavers Destinations Pie Chart

Leavers Pie Chart