Feminism, Race and Selfies were the sell out tickets at the 2023 Sociology in Action conference.

Sociology In Action 2023

Sociology A Level students attended an incredible day of enrichment at the Emmanuel Centre this term, to hear from leading sociologists, academics and media personalities.

The event called, Sociology in Action, addressed key issues including race, education, feminism, gender, crime and deviance, identity and politics. The highlight of the day was the presence of Professor Ann Oakley, a leading liberal feminist, whose impactful work is intricately woven into our A Level Sociology course.  Our enthusiastic students were beyond excited, and maybe a tad starstruck, as they queued up round the hall for a selfie.

After a lively debate from Prof Oakley, other sessions included:
* A talk from Professor Jason Arday about the importance of sociology in an increasingly politically divisive world. Arday talked about how race and racism in society impacts our education system.
* A presentation from Prof Simon Harding, at how drug markets, county lines, exploitation, status, and weapons alongside social media, mobile phones, and Drill music, are interlinked and in certain areas of the country, increasing levels of violence.
* Dexter Dias KC, a human rights barrister and Deputy High Court Judge, who used cutting-edge research about human rights, neuroscientific and psychological to explore the links between socialisation and identity.
*A session on the rules of politics, by journalist and politician, Daniel Finkelstein.