Award-winning poet ‘breaks silence’ with our English A Level students

Jacob Sam La Rose

Jacob talks about his award-winning poetry collection 'Breaking Silence

In November, the English department had the pleasure of receiving a visit from poet, Jacob Sam-La Rose, who students study as a set author on the English Language and Literature A Level course.

Jacob gave a fantastic interactive talk to a large group of 6.1 and 6.2 students, focusing on the poems ‘Talk This Way’, ‘Magnitude’ and ‘Here, Spirits’ from his collection ‘Breaking Silence’. The talk was extremely informative and detailed. Students were also given the opportunity to put questions to the poet, as well as reflecting on what the poems were about. (Jacob was very interested to hear our interpretations of his work!) Jacob was also kind enough to stay behind at the end of the talk and answer further questions, as well as signing students’ copies of ‘Breaking Silence’.

Our students all commented on how useful and enjoyable Jacob’s talk had been, and we are very grateful to him for taking the time to come and speak to us.


Simon Johnson
Teacher of English  


Jacob Sam-La Rose has a dual British-Guyanese heritage and was extensively influenced by American and British hip hop growing up in London.
Breaking Silence was published in 2011 and includes themes of the masculine self and shifting identities, race and dual heritage.

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Poet Jacob with teacher