Whatever your particular aptitude or academic goals, we have a range of programmes at Esher to help you extend your knowledge and interests beyond the classroom and realise your ambitions.

Senior Physics Challenge Award winners 2024

Build your own programme

All students at Esher have an Extension Study subject on their timetable. In your first year, we call them Complementary Studies and in your second year, you choose what we call a Progression Pathway  These courses provide students with an excellent opportunity to develop their wider skills and abilities.

If you are a high-achiever, you can add more than one Extension Study to your timetable and build your own programme to suit your interests and aspirations.

In your First Year:
You can take a Complementary Study + Subject-based Excellence Pathway + Oxbridge Support Programme.

  • For example; Thinking about a career in Law?
    Critical Thinking + Law Pathway + Oxbridge Support Programme
  • Thinking about a career in STEM?
    Robotics + Physical Sciences Challenge
  • Interested in Medicine?
    EPQ + Medics, Vets and Dentists Programme

In your Second Year;
You can take a Progression Pathway + Subject-based Excellence Pathway + University course specific support

  • For example, interested in public speaking and communication?
    LAMDA Certificate in Speaking in Public + English Excellence + Oxbridge Support Programme
  • Loving Mathematics?
    AS Further Maths + STEP Maths + Physical Science Challenge
  • Interested in STEM and all things science?
    Gold CREST Award + Natural Sciences Challenge + Medics, Vets and Dentists Programme

Am I a High Achiever?

The Excellence@Esher programme is open to all students who want to aim high and actively shape their educational and professional paths. Thinking about what drives you to achieve can help you decide if this programme is right for you:

  • Are you curious about the world around you?
  • Do want to think for yourself and push yourself further?
  • Are you willing to engage with activities that will broaden your knowledge and understanding?
  • Do you see challenges as opportunities?

If that sounds like you? Choose from the Excellence@Esher programmes available below.

Ben Juredini

“I’m thrilled with my results. Not only do I have my teachers to thank for my grades, but also for motivating me to apply to Oxford in the first place.”
Ben, studying English at Oxford University.

Rose Student Rowing

“The ROSE workshops supported my training as I was able to get advice about universities, principles of training, diet and nutrition, injury prevention and recovery. This really helped supplement my training.”
Evelyna, international rower for Team GB