The Film Studies crew headed to the Gothenburg International Film Festival in Sweden in February.

Denice Brock, Film Studies Teacher, reports.

Film Students Outside Red Cinema

In January 2020, when the Film Studies Crew was in Northern Norway with 6.2 students for the ultracool Tromso International Film Festival, we kept hearing about this respiratory virus in China that sounded a little worrying. Alas, between the excitement of petting Huskies, eating reindeer and chasing the illusive Northern Lights, it barely registered.

Now, four years later, the Crew have finally managed to break free of the Esher campus again. This time we headed to the also very cool Gothenburg International Film Festival in Sweden for three nights in early February.

Staying in Linnéplatsens Hotel and Hostel, it was just a short walk from the city’s historic Haga district. We visited the city’s excellent Gothenburg Museum of Art and wandered the city soaking up the local culture. But what about the Film Festival? We feasted on a range of films that took us on a round-the-globe cinematic journey through films from Iceland, Mexico, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, and an Argentina/Brazil/US co-production.

We learned that there’s a great clubbing scene in Ulan Bator, everyone in Iceland is a bit depressed, Viggo Mortensen is the GOAT (not our word, promise) and there’s always time for Fika.

Next stop, Fantasporto 2025!



Students Outside Brick Cinema
Film Students Outside Red Cinema