Join a band, get involved with a theatre production, experiment with drawing and photography or explore journalism with our college magazine – our Creatives Extension Studies offer you the opportunity to experiment and develop your skills in your creative area of interest.

Girl painting

Short Courses

Contemporary Vocal

3 female students singing at a microphone

3-part vocal ensemble singing a variety of contemporary popular and musical theatre songs, with piano or band accompaniment. Regular opportunities to perform at Open Mic sessions, local community events such as the Elmbridge Festival, and Christmas Concerts in and out of college.  

Regular attendance is essential for the ensemble to blend and develop in terms of musical ability and tone.  All singers will have a voice workshop at the start of the year, to assess vocal range and will then sing either, Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. 

A lively and fun singing opportunity. All singers are very welcome!

Creative Visual Storytelling


‘Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.’

Creative Visual Storytelling is a 12-week course that delves into how you can assemble amazing stories from your life-experience and turn them in short-films.

You’ll gain fundamental knowledge on idea generation and development alongside learning how to leverage the power of the Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, etc.) to construct compelling stories.

This course is for anyone who wants to engage in self-developmental practice to expand their creative potential through storytelling and filmmaking.


Exploring Drawing

Group of students life drawing

This complementary study will allow you to explore and experiment with a range of different drawing techniques. You will create a collection of drawings using a range of media and approaches. It will enable you to develop your drawing skills through practising with a variety of traditional and contemporary media and subject matter. 

The course is suitable for all levels from those who have little experience of drawing through to those who are possibly studying a creative subject as part of their programme of study. You will create a sketchbook of portrait drawings which will be a fantastic addition to your portfolio and a valuable addition to your application if you are intending to study on an Art Foundation or Degree course in the future. 

Costs: £10 which covers costs for art materials.


Two Boys With Cameras

Photography surrounds us and is now more a part of everyone’s life than it ever was before. So why not learn how to create beautiful images and be a better image maker? 

We cover the fundamental basics of exposure and composition in the first term, lots of practical shooting with digital SLR cameras in groups and a chance to meet new friends. You will start to look at postproduction, using Photoshop and learning tricks of the photographic trade! By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of digital cameras, Photoshop, and you will have created your own photographic portfolio. You do not need any of your own kit or experience – just a passion for photography! This course is not suitable for those studying A Level Photography. 

Introduction To Photography Darkroom

Photography Darkroom

The darkroom sessions will aim to enhance student understanding of earlier photographic development processes and give an exciting introduction to the darkroom environment. 

This course is suited to those students who have experience in photography and working an SLR camera. This would be an ideal choice for students thinking about continuing photography after Esher and those that would like to experience a hands-on process week by week. 

You will be able to expand on previous photographic knowledge and gain additional skills and get creative with alternative camera-free processes such as photograms and cyanotypes. The use of black and white 35mm film will also be included allowing students to process their own and develop photographs in a traditional manner. 

Costs: £15 covers film, photographic paper, and chemicals.

Long Courses

College Band

Boys in rock band and a boy playing a piano

Great for any student wishing to be in a Popular Music band. This is a great opportunity to work within a group of likeminded musicians in order to improve your technique and have fun! 

Highly suitable for those students looking to study a music related degree at university. Ability to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, or sing required. 

Performances occur throughout the year at Open Mic, Canteen Gigs, Events and Open Evening. Opportunities to perform with the wider community are also available. The best Band will also be offered recording opportunities at the end of the year.

College Magazine

Two female students talking

Are you a budding journalist? Do you relish the written word and do you want to get your opinion across about things that matter to you? You will work in a small team to create a magazine, outlining key events and activities and commenting on current affairs, fashion and any other areas of interest. 

You will learn In-Design and will develop layout skills as well as how to write succinctly and in an engaging way. This is the course for you if you are interested in a journalistic career and enjoy writing and sharing ideas. 

College Production

College production

The College Production is a production of a play which can include ensemble work, dance and music. This course offers the opportunity to creatively collaborate with other students, gain experience in performing and develop skills such as team work and communication.  In addition to the 2 periods timetabled on Wednesday afternoons there are some additional rehearsals, which take place outside of college hours. We pride ourselves on a high standard of production and therefore expect 100% attendance and commitment.  

Our productions usually perform over 3 evenings to an invited audience.  In previous productions, many students have been involved on stage, backstage or in creating the costumes and set.  Any student can audition to become part of the company as an actor, dancer or singer.  

If you are interested in College Production or Theatre Workshop you must attend the Audition Workshop on Thursday 1st September at 1:30pm in the Drama Studio.  There is no preparation required – you will be asked to work in groups and perform some scripted extracts.  We use this to manage numbers and help select which course would be better suited to you.  We will then be able to confirm if you have a place in the College Production or the Theatre Workshop.

Theatre Workshop

Mixed Theatre Workshop students

Theatre Workshop is focused on acting and developing performance skills and usually ends with a performance of extracts or a short play to an invited audience.  There is the opportunity to explore different genres and styles of theatre through practical workshops. 

You will work creatively together with the support of second year student directors. In the lead up to a performance, some additional rehearsals outside of the 2 periods timetabled will be scheduled to ensure a high standard of production and we expect students to be committed. 

If you are interested in you must attend the Audition Workshop on Thursday 1st September at 1:30pm in the Drama Studio.  

There is no preparation required – you will be asked to work in groups and perform some scripted extracts.  We use this to manage numbers and help select which course would be better suited to you.  We will then be able to confirm if you have a place in the College Production or the Theatre Workshop.

Advanced Music Theory

Girl Playing Piano

For all students wishing to progress to Grade 6 on their instrument.  This covers the main areas of music theory such as time signatures, key signatures, notes and clefs, intervals, transposition, melody writing, chord progressions, scales and cadences.

Great Esher Sewing Bee

Two Girls Sewing A Garment

Do you wish you could turn that old curtain into a new exciting garment? If you haven’t worn something in your wardrobe in the last year, bring it to the workshop and learn how to give it a new life. 

No prior sewing skills are necessary. We will start you from the beginning. Equally, if you already have sewing skills, you can learn more advanced skills. You will learn how to use a sewing machine, how to alter and repair garments or buy a length of fabric and start from scratch, how to make a pattern and create your own original clothes

This course will help you to develop a variety of skills which include:

  • Individual artistic skills
  • Communication and team work
  • Practical and creative skills
  • Analytical and research skills 

Jazz Funk Band

Male Student Playing Guitar

A workshop style rehearsal slot each week for you to learn to play Jazz in a fun and practical environment. It will include improvisation practice and development of skills for all players.  

You need to be able to read music, and have an ability to play from memory/by ear is also an asset.  

Performances take place each half term at regular performance events such as Open Mic, Concerts and Recitals, Introduction Evening, Open Evening and Performance Tour. 

Regular attendance is important for the ensemble to blend and develop.  All participants must come ready and prepared to play each week.