For appeals against the outcome of the ballot for Open applications


As an independent and autonomous post-16 institution, the College's Admissions Policy is approved by the Esher College Corporation on an annual basis. As an oversubscribed College, it is, unfortunately, not possible to offer places to all applicants. Inevitably, some will be disappointed. The following procedure is designed to ensure that all applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, are treated fairly. It is not subject to the Admissions Code applied to schools and the pre-16 phase, in particular.


  • Appeals can only be considered from students who have successfully submitted an application by the deadline for online submission for Open applications. 
  • Appeals must be submitted to the Principal in writing by the date identified in the Admissions Policy, outlining the grounds for appeal. Written confirmation that Esher College is the applicant’s preferred option for post-16 study and that a place will be held at Esher College alone, in the event of a successful appeal, will also be required
  • The College will give serious consideration to appeals on the following grounds:
    • a) where one twin has been offered a place and the other has been unsuccessful 
    • b) where exceptional and current personal or medical circumstances are having a direct impact on the applicant and where a strong case can be made for the applicant’s welfare and educational progress being best served by the offer of a place at the College. Please note that the circumstances must be sufficiently serious to justify advancing an individual applicant over those not offered a place or who find themselves on the reserve list
  • The College will usually require further supporting documentary evidence in order to reach an appropriate judgement. In particular, where an appeal is based on personal or medical circumstances, a supporting letter from the school and/or medical practitioner will be required
  • The following circumstances do not qualify as grounds for appeal:
    • lack of access to or availability of a particular course at other institutions in the
    • a situation where friends of an unsuccessful applicant have been offered a place
    • learning difficulties and disabilities which do not qualify for an Education, Health
      and Care Plan
    • high levels of academic achievement
  • The Appeals Panel will meet within 10 working days of the appeal deadline. The panel will consist of the Principal and at least two members of the College management team
  • The Appeals Panel will consider the written evidence presented in each case on an individual basis and communicate decisions in writing within 15 working days of the appeal deadline
  • The decision of the Appeals Panel is final

Approved by the Strategy and Policy Committee of the Corporation February 2018