Speaking At Lecturn

Esher Sixth Form College celebrated a triumphant performance at the Model United Nations competition on Saturday, November 11. Taking place at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford, our team demonstrated not only passion and dedication but also clinched three prestigious awards – a fantastic achievement!

The competition unfolded with various committees tackling specific global issues such as the environment, health, and global security. The climax of the day featured the merging of committees into two groups, simulating a ‘General Assembly’ akin to the real United Nations gathering of member nations. In this simulation, participants delved into a fictional crisis – a Chinese invasion of disputed territory near Malaysia in the South China Sea, challenging their diplomatic acumen to defuse the escalating situation.

Special mentions go to Elan Sinclair and Will Trimble, who both earned ‘highly commended’ accolades for their fantastic efforts in the Human Rights committee. Meanwhile, the General Assembly saw France, led by Jack Desmond, also receive the ‘highly commended’ distinction.

The competition, enjoyable atmosphere, and delicious food made for a great day out. A big thank you to Declan and the MUN Society for organising the event.

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