The Theatre Workshop performances took place in the College Studio on 20th and 21st January 2016. Congratulations to the talented cast and crew who performed ‘Love and Information’ by Caryl Churchill. The play is a fast moving kaleidoscope of forty different characters trying to make sense of what they know; is information power or is ignorance bliss?
Churchill’s play offers a cast and director many choices. The lines have no allocated characters, the scenes have no prescribed setting and for most scenes there are no stage directions. This allowed the cast the freedom to invent a variety of characters who share differing relationships and deal with information in a range of ways. Credit to the cast who have worked extremely hard in both the collaborative directing process and final product. The two performances were very successful with a positive audience response.
Cast: Lead actors – Harriet Cantello, Peter Hadfield, Gwynnie Gaunt and Emily Varney. Ensemble – Caitlin Clark, May Curtiss, Ciara O’Donnabhain and Emily Sharples. Directed by Jayne Hymers, Theatre Studies teacher and thanks to the Technical Theatre students and Malcolm Hart for the technical support.

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