Nov 17

English Writing Competition

Student Mia reports on the prize-giving ceremony at Denny's Bookshop, Thames Ditton.

The prize-giving took place on Monday 17 November: a cold, dark afternoon - the perfect, near-mystical atmosphere for burgeoning writers to come together in a celebration of their work. The warm and charming Denny's Bookshop played host to the event, a cove of books of all shapes, sizes, and genres, just a stone-throw away from College. Students and teachers alike were in attendance, gathering in the bookshop like a fellowship from fiction.  

Each entry was unique and different from the next: from delving into the depths of a portrait of love in 'This is What it's Like in Words', to reimagining God and the Devil in 'Lucy', to passionately advocating the necessity to read old literature in 'Old texts have no relevance in the modern world'. Despite their differences, it was clear that each entry was a piece of us as young writers, our passions, fears, and feelings, woven into words. The occasion came to a close with each writer being awarded a voucher for Denny's Bookshop, which only begs the question of what the next writing competition will behold. What written treasures will be uncovered? 

Mia Badby

6.1 A Level student

Congratulations to all the winners. Prizes of Book Tokens, courtesy of Denny's Books, were awarded to:

  • First Prize: Adelka Delevante for 'This is What it's Like In Words'  (£30)
  • Second Prize: Mia Badby for 'Lucy' (£20)
  • Third Prize: Innaya Dias Choudry for her essay on the topic 'Old texts have no relevance to the modern world' (£10)​