​Support for high achieving students at Esher Sixth Form College

Academic excellence

Designed to excite your curiosity, deepen your thinking and broaden your knowledge – high achieving students have the opportunity to work on more demanding issues and problems. Extension reading is available as a matter of course, and feedback on assignments is tailored to help you understand how to attain the very highest marks.

All departments provide enrichment and extracurricular activities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Physics - join our Astronomy Club, making use of our own observatory.
  • Chemistry – participation in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.
  • Maths – entry into the UK Mathematics Trust Challenge.
  • STEM research – research placements through the Surrey Science and Technology Regional Organisation and the opportunity undertake a college-based research project to achieve a CREST Award.
  • Biology – be challenged by taking part in Year 12 and 13 Biology Olympiads.
  • Politics – regular opportunities to hear and question serving MPs.
  • History and English – visiting speakers and authors.
  • Sport – work with industry professionals to gain insights into the life of professional athletes.
  • Art – partnership with the University for the Creative Arts provides access to specific advice about specialist university course and Art Foundation applications.
  • Extension Studies – take advantage of the many opportunities offered in both the first and second year, for example research, debate and try to solve some of the world's most pressing problems in Model United Nations or take the well-regarded Extended Project Qualification.

Creative Excellence

Many students come to Esher with a creative talent and a passion to perform at the highest level. We seek to cultivate these talents and help students flourish. Within the creative arts departments, our staff have strong links with industry and often come from industry backgrounds or are practising in their field. This means they can offer students invaluable insights and guidance, rooted in real life experience. High achieving students are encouraged to take our Creative Arts Portfolio course as their extension study choice, which aims to support students applying for specialist university programmes. We also offer College Band, Choir and College Production options for students to practice their craft. Drama, Music, Performance and Dance students are offered support in preparing for auditions at prestigious institutions including RADA, MANDA and top conservatoires. ​

Esher Extend

Whatever your particular aptitude or academic ambitions, there are a range of programmes at Esher Sixth Form College to support high-achieving students develop their talents to the full.

These include:

  • The High Achievers' Programme
  • Oxbridge Programme
  • Medicine, Veterinary and Dental Programme
  • Roll of Sporting Excellence (ROSE) Programme

Further information about these programmes, can be found by clicking on the relevant tab in this section​.