​​​​Available Support

Esher College recognises that mental health and wellbeing is a growing concern and therefore has a team of staff dedicated to promoting and supporting mental health. The College aims to provide a supportive, inclusive environment and is therefore proactive in its approach. Workshops and courses are run for students with anxiety and stress and events are organised to raise awareness. In order to maintain continuity and to provide support structures within the College for students diagnosed with mental health problems, the College works closely with organisations such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and outreach services.

For support with well​being during COVID 19 please click ​here

Contact us

If there is something specific you are interested in or think might be helpful, please contact the Mental Health Team:

  • Kate Parsons (KBP) Director of Safeguarding and EDI
  • Jude Smit (JGS) Mental Health Advisor/Specialist Assessor
  • Sara Doak (SED) College Nurse
  • John Graves (JPG) Student Counsellor
  • Viv Louizos (VEL) Student Counselling Services Co-ordinator
  • Nick Levy (NEL) Learning Support Manager

Sara, Jude and Kate are also Mental Health First Aiders. Sara is available for mental health drop-in from 10-2.30 Monday to Friday.

Services Hub

External mental health services and other organisations can be found via the Services Hub