Lapsafe Installation 2

Forgot your laptop? No problem!

There are 192 laptops available in the LapSafe Diplomat™ Pro lockers for students to use.  We have 4x 48 bay systems across three different areas of the College. There are two bays over in the Yellow Zone outside room Y105, one in the Blue Zone just outside the Sport and PE office, and one near the Café at the bottom of the stairs to the Sociology block.

To borrow a laptop, you just need your student card. The prompt on the screen will ask you to scan you card and once you’re identified, a laptop will be released.

The laptops are only available for use on campus – students will be unable to login if the device is off campus.

The loan length is 3.5 hours. Students receive an email at the beginning of the loan telling them when the device is due back. They will also receive an email if it is overdue.


Close Up