​Well done to all the Roll of Sporting Excellence (ROSE) students who were involved in a strength and conditioning workshop, with King’s College London on 8th February. The students were taken through an hour of plyometric training with specialist coach Chris McCann. This type of training uses maximum power to strengthen muscles and the training was designed to help the students with their own individual training programmes. The moves were quick and explosive, so it enabled students to use a lot more energy than they would do in a typical strength-training session. The training included dynamic movements such as squats, lunges, press ups, burpees and box jumps, which allowed performers to see improvements in their speed, power and co-ordination. We hope that Chris’s specialist advice and expertise will help the students with their training in the future.

The ROSE scheme supports Esher College students who perform at an exceptionally high level in sport.  These talented students compete at county, national and even international level. The range of sports they excel at is truly impressive – from swimming basketball, rowing and hockey to more unusual sports and activities such as clay pigeon shooting and jump roping. 


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