Meet the Esher students balancing their studies with the demands of national sporting competition.

Evie Best Shot

Bua-Chompu Dalby - Taekwondo

Bua Best Shot

Bua is a rising star in international Taekwondo and her journey to success is one of relentless determination. Formerly of Hinchley Wood School and now studying PE A Level, and Sports Coaching and Development BTEC, Bua balances her studies with her rigorous training regimen.

Last year, at the European Championship for the International Taekwondo Federation Union in Madrid, she secured gold, becoming the European Champion in her division. Bua then went on to win bronze at the World Championships in Argentina and attained a remarkable third place ranking worldwide.

This year, Bua’s focus is on the upcoming European Championship in England and the 2024 Rotterdam Taekwondo Cup in April. Her ultimate aspiration? To represent Team GB on the grand stage of the Olympics.

William Short - Kayaker

William Best Shot

William is a remarkable young kayaker, holding the titles of U16 k1 (single) British champion and U18 k2 (double) British champion.

Currently ranked 20th in the world at U18, William’s dedication to his sport is evident in his 12 hours of weekly training. William joined us from Heathside School in Weybridge and studies PE A Level, and Sports and Coaching Development BTEC. He successfully manages his academic responsibilities by utilising private study lessons, enabling him to train both in the mornings and evenings, and even completing work while travelling to and from races.

With aspirations to become world champion by 2025, and his eyes on the 2028 or 2032 Olympic Games, William’s focus and determination are driving forces propelling him towards his goals.

Evie Donaldson - Figure Skater

Evie 3

Evie Donaldson is as an accomplished figure skater, currently holding the 19th rank in Britain.

Evie recently won 2nd place at the Tayside Trophy International Figure Skating Championships in Scotland, and is currently focused on preparing for the upcoming British qualifiers scheduled for March.

Evie joined us from Esher Church of England High School. Despite her demanding training schedule of around 10 hours per week, she successfully balances her time between studying three A Levels – Mathematics, Physics, and PE. Evie diligently maintains her studies, even when her skating commitments require her to miss college, making use of clinic sessions and revising during breaks in her training.