​​The Esher College Mock Election took place on Thursday 30th April, ahead of the General Election this coming week. A polling station, staffed by the Student Union, was set up in the canteen between 10am and 3pm . The distribution of votes seems to broadly reflect what is happening nationally. Although Labour won quite comfortably, they did so with only a third of the total vote. The split in the opposition (with Greens, Conservatives and Lib Dems polling quite evenly and UKIP not far behind them in 5th place) allowed Labour to win. It seems to confirm that this is going to be one of the most unpredictable elections ever.

 The results were as follows:

  • Labour - 160 (33.1%)
  • Green - 91 (18.8%)
  • Conservative - 80 (16.5%)
  • Lib Dem - 74 (15.3%)
  • UKIP - 52 (10.7%)
  • Others - 22 (0.5%)
  • Spoilt - 5

  • Labour majo​rity  - 69 (14.3%)

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