The Foreign Secretary and Conservative candidate, Dominic Raab, Liberal Democrats’ candidate, Monica Harding, and Labour’s Peter Ashurst, were quizzed on everything from Transgender attacks to hospital beds, mental health, education funding and of course, Brexit.

 More than 100 students and staff packed out the College Theatre, to hear the candidates. The biggest cheer in the room sounded when Labour’s Peter Ashurst expressed how Brexit is distracting the country from other issues.  Conservative’s Dominic Raab talked about refocusing Government and how after nine years of austerity they can now announce cash injections for health and education. While Lib Dem’s Monica Harding said this election was no longer about choosing between left and right, but a choice for values with a commitment to climate change, staying in Europe and ringfencing a penny on the pound for the NHS.

 A Level Politics student Emma Graham said the debate had given her plenty to think about. “I came here with my mind made up but now it is more mixed.  I have a bit more research to do before I vote.  Everyone who is eligible to vote is really fired up by the hustings."

 Esher students who are not old enough to vote, can have their own say in an internal mini poll now taking part in LRC1. The results of which, will be declared before December 12.

 Meir Shabat, Head of Politics, says, “For some of our students, this will be the first time they will be eligible to vote in a General Election. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from all three main parties standing, so they can better understand the issues and debate the topics at stake."

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