The rain may have poured, and the wind may have howled, but nothing could dampen the spirits at this year’s Fresher’s Fair. The organizers had to shift the event indoors, but that didn’t stop the buzz. The Cafe area transformed into a hub of activity, showcasing a great range of student groups and activities for the newcomers to explore. From intellectual battles on the chessboard to discussions about the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, the Fresher’s Fair had something for everyone. Whether you are interested in student government, environmental activism, spirituality, or international diplomacy, there was a club or committee to pique your interest.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance): The GSA welcomed students with open arms, creating a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies.
  2. Eco Committee: In a world increasingly focused on environmental issues, the Eco Committee offered an opportunity for students to engage in sustainability projects and learn about eco-friendly practices.
  3. Christian Group: For those seeking spiritual connection and fellowship, the Christian group provided a welcoming community to explore faith and values.
  4. Model UN: Aspiring diplomats and international relations enthusiasts had the chance to dive into the world of diplomacy and global problem-solving through the Model United Nations club.

Members of the College’s vibrant Student Union were present to discuss their plans for the upcoming year. Their energy was palpable, and they also highlighted their commitment to fundraising initiatives for the Esher College Africa Trust (ECAT), a registered UK charity. It was heart-warming to see students coming together to support such a fantastic cause.

So, despite the less-than-ideal weather, Fresher’s Fair 2023 was a resounding success. As the academic year unfolds, we look forward to the positive impact these enthusiastic newcomers will have on campus.

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