​Last week, Esher College welcomed Sokrath, a Buddhist monk from Cambodia, to come and talk to students and staff about his work with Green Umbrella.

Green Umbrella is a local non-government organisation in Cambodia, which Sokrath founded to support families and children living in poverty through education. He told us how many high school students drop out of school because of poverty and how the scars from the Khmer Rouge means many adults aged above 40 years old are un-educated and do not understand the value of education.

Sokrath drew a few gasps from students when he mentioned that the Karuna Kumar School he founded starts its day at 5.30am. He also explained why he wanted to become a monk at the age of 12 (he wanted to wear the orange robes and ride a bike).

The talk ended with a guided meditation session, that had everyone leaving, feeling rested and fulfilled.

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