​​Complementary Studies provide a great opportunity to explore new activities in arts, social sciences, care professions and sports, giving you a chance to learn something new or get better at an activity you’re already enjoying. 

​You will be asked to choose six options in preference order at enrolment, and will be allocated one of these ​​choices dependent on your timetable and on any selection processes there might be (such as performing arts auditions or sports trials). It is important to choose six options because, although the likelihood that your first choice will fit with a free period on your timetable is quite high, there is a real possibility ​​that your 5th or 6th choice might have to be used as no other choices are available to you.

  • Courses marked ‘1st Choice Only’ require real commitment outside class time and are only for those w​​ho are prepared to give the extra time needed for good results.
  • Choose only 1 sports team (must be first choice). 

Please r​ead the course descriptions carefully ​to avoid disappointment. You will be able to ask questions about your choices during enrolment in August.​