​​​​​If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, or by the Online Application​ Guide, please contact the Admissions team.​

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How do I Apply?

​​All applications are completed online using the Esher Sixth Form College online applications system.

When can I apply?

Online applications open in July following our Year 10 Open Evening.

Applications will close at the end of September.

What age are students at Esher Sixth Form College?

​​Esher Sixth Form College provides education for students aged 16-19. Applications are therefore accepted from prospective students who will be aged 16 or 17 at the point of enrolment.

My application states that it is pending, what does this mean?

​​All Open Applications will be pending until the outcome of the ballot has been released whereby you will be able to log-in to your account to check if you have been successful.

How is the reserve list generated?

​The reserve list is generated by ballot in the same way as Open place offers are made. ​

How often do I need to check my account to see if I have moved up the list?

​You do not need to check your online account, we will write to you if we are able to offer you a place.​

How likely is it that reserve list students will be offered a place?

​This is impossible to answer as it varies from year to year. We can say that some reserve list students have been offered places most years in the recent past.​​

If I am currently studying overseas can I apply to join the College?

If you are a British Citizen but you have studied overseas please contact admissions@esher.ac.uk before submitting an application. If you are not taking GCSE’s or iGCSE’s we will ask you to apply for a NARIC Statement of Comparability. This tells us if your grades are equivalent to our GCSE entry requirements.

What is the length of the College Day?

​The College Day starts at 8:55, with last lesson finishing at 4:15. Students will have an individual timetable once they have enrolled.​​

How many scheduled hours of teaching per subject will I receive per week?

​You will receive approximately 4 hours 20 minutes per subject per week​.

When will I hear about my interview?

​Interviews are held once a month between November and April and you will be given one week’s notice. Interviews are always between 3:15 and 5:30 and you may need to ask permission from your school to leave early.​