​​​​​​​​​External Examination and Assessment Dates & Timetables​

February 2023 6.2​ Timetable

Summer 2023 Examination Timetables

Links to each of the exam boards and their relevant timetables are listed below. A full college timetable, combining all boards, will be published in due course.


GCE-Summer-2023-Final-v1.pdf (pearson.com)

GCSE - Summer 2023 Final Timetable (pearson.com)

BTEC-Summer-2023-Final-Timetable.xlsx (live.com)


May/June 2023 exam timetable A-level, AS, Level 3 certificates, Functional Skills and Applied General (aqa.org.uk)

May/June 2023 exam timetable GCSE, AQA Certificate, ELC, FCSE, Projects and L1/L2 Awards


665948-june-2023-final-exam-timetable-as-a-level-core-maths-and-fsmq.xlsx (live.com)

​WJEC/ Eduqas


28 June 2023 JCQ Contingency Day – the designation of a 'contingency day' for examinations, within the common exam timetable, is in the event of a national or significant local disruption to examinations and is part of the awarding bodies' standard contingency planning for examinations. Candidates should remain available for this day until they have completed all their examinations. 

For the June 2023 exams, the awarding bodies have introduced two half-day contingency sessions in addition to standard contingency day at the end of the month. The half-days are on Thursday 8 June 2023 and Thursday 15 June 2023. The standard contingency day remains at the end of the timetable, being scheduled on Wednesday 28 June 2023.​

Assessment and Examination Guide

This yearly guide is produced for students and their parents/​guardians to provide detailed information.

Assessment and Examination Guide​​​​