One such opportunity is the High Achievers Programme, which is dedicated to providing high-achieving students with a wide range of enrichment opportunities and individual guidance and encouragement to ensure they reach their full potential.

This two-year programme aims to improve the confidence, study habits and ambition of our highest achieving students. It helps them to reach the top by offering a wide range of enrichment activities and developing their confidence to make the most of these opportunities.

The students on this programme will meet regularly as a group and access support such as:

  • Information on university visits, conferences and programmes and Summer Schools.
  • The opportunity to hear external speakers, including Esher Sixth Form College Alumni.
  • Early Higher Education preparation and Work Experience Guidance.
  • Support for specific aptitude tests for some degrees including LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test; TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment); and STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper).
  • Encouragement to enter relevant academic competitions.
  • The opportunity to work with a PhD student in the Brilliant Club's Scholars' Programme.
  • Assistance to set up and run a student-led subject group.
  • Advice on developing the skills and mindset to achieve A*s and Distinctions.

The students will also meet in smaller groups and have one-to-one mentoring. They will receive guidance and support to choose, and make the most of, the most appropriate activities for them to achieve ambitious progression from Esher Sixth Form College.