The Personal Development Programme (PDP) is delivered through your tutor sessions. In the first year, the initial emphasis is on a smooth transition from school to college and target-setting.

For the rest of the first year, the PDP is designed to focus on issues of a particular relevance to young adults. It is regularly updated in light of student feedback. Amongst a number of popular sessions, students highlighted the charity activity, early in the first term. Tutor groups are given free rein to design a fund-raising activity of their choice and to choose a favoured charity. It is also an important bonding exercise for new students.

As the first year draws to a close, the emphasis shifts to preparation for life after Esher.

Your tutor will guide you through the process, whether that is an application to university or you are choosing to seek employment. You will receive advice on your personal statement and your tutor will provide your reference for whatever you choose to do next. In addition, a range of expert advice will be provided through the Progression Guidance department.