Student Finance

The College offers two main sources of financial support to students – the Bursary Fund and Free Meals. Occasionally other possible sources of support are also advertised to relevant students, such as local bursaries provided by rotary clubs or grants aimed at students progressing to university.

The Bursary Fund is provided to help students with the direct costs of study such as equipment, books, travel and trips and visits, and is available to assist students who may have difficulties in completing their course because of financial considerations. There are two types of Bursary. The Discretionary Bursary is aimed at providing financial support to students from low income families and / or families in receipt of certain benefits. The Vulnerable Bursary is for young people in care, care leavers and young people who themselves are in receipt of certain benefits. Both funds are paid weekly into the student's bank account, but payment is dependent on maintaining good behaviour and attendance. It is expected that the funds are used for the costs of study, although for some particular mandatory study trips further financial subsidy is provided.

Under the Free Meals scheme, eligible students will be allocated a credit of £3.50 per day to cover the cost of a 'main meal'. Snacks will need to be paid for separately. Eligible students will need to use their Student Card to ‘pay’ for a meal using their free meals allowance. All they will need to do is swipe their Student Card on a reader – much like with a contactless debit or credit card. This will be available at all the tills in the College Cafe.

The eligibility criteria for both schemes are virtually identical and therefore there is one joint information sheet and one application form. Students may apply at any point in the course of their studies at the College. Please click on the links below for full details:

Student Finance - application form 2018-2019

Student Finance - further information 2018-2019