Many students come to Esher with a creative talent and a passion to perform at the highest level. We seek to cultivate these talents and help students flourish.

Art Girl

Within the creative arts departments, our staff have strong links with industry and often come from industry backgrounds or are practising in their field. This means they can offer students invaluable insights and guidance, rooted in real life experience. High achieving students are encouraged to take our Creative Arts Portfolio course as their extension study choice, which aims to support students applying for specialist university programmes. We also offer College Band, Choir and College Production options for students to practice their craft. Drama, Music, Performance and Dance students are offered support in preparing for auditions at prestigious institutions including RADA, MANDA and top conservatoires. ​

The dance department inspired me with their passion for analysing dance pieces and shows. They encouraged me to go beyond the surface of choreographies.”
Eli, dance graduate from the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona

Media students are encouraged to push and challenge themselves for grades they deserve. This encouragement and support is carried on into guidance and advice in terms of continuing education. After talking with my tutor and teachers, I decided I want to develop my knowledge of English and Media in more depth through online courses. I also plan to carry on building my digital art business, before going to
university and continuing my studies.” Maddy, currently taking a GAP Year before studying Media at university.

Teacher and art student
Singing Girl
Art & Design Btec Boy
Girl painting