Satro Comp 2024

This rigorous problem-solving championship puts STEM knowledge and skills to the test, and we are very proud to say that we have made it to the final stage!

In preparation for the competition, our Physics teacher Sue Lawton, dedicated her time to run three practice sessions after college. These 1.5 hour long workshops helped the students to hone their skills and strategies. 12 enthusiastic first year Physics students participated, providing enough man power for two teams. Competing against each other each week, they came up with ingenious designs to solve the various problems Sue gave them.

However, we were only allowed to enter one Key Stage 5 team. By the final session, our two teams were neck and neck and Team One clinched the win with only one point separating them. They would represent Esher in the Surrey Satro heat at St John the Baptist School in Woking on 6 February 2024.

All the practice paid off and our Esher team won their heat convincingly and they are through to the final. This will be held at Royal Holloway University on 20 March.

A big thank you to Sue Lawton for her dedication and effort and a big congratulations to our 6.1 participants for their enthusiasm and hard work.

Good luck in the final!

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