​​​​​At Esher Sixth Form College we want all our students to achieve their potential and also to prepare themselves for the next stage of their lives.

It is clear that there is a strong correlation between attendance and punctuality in lessons and achievement. Attendance and punctuality are carefully monitored by subject teachers and personal tutors. We also have an automated system for raising alerts to parents and students where attendance is a significant concern.

If your student absence is related to COVID-19 please follow the procedure outlined within the COVID-19 Charter (click ​here). 

Reporting absences

Absences should be reported by parents or carers. In all cases please telephone 020 8398 0291 or email absences@esher.ac.uk to inform the College of an absence.

As a courtesy students can inform their subject teachers via email to check what will be missed and how to catch up.

Authorising general absences

General absences can include: sickness, hospital and doctor appointments, funerals, driving tests and university interviews or open days. Non-emergency dentist appointments will not be authorised and should be booked outside of lesson times.

Parents /carers should inform the College of an absence as early as possible and ideally before the lesson or lessons that will be affected by phoning or emailing reception. For absences of more than one day, a phone call or email each morning will be needed.

Should you be unable to authorise an absence on the day, then please contact reception within one calendar week (five working days) of the absence. Any queries about the accuracy of registers should be raised in the first instance by the student with the member of staff concerned.

Authorising exceptional absences

Exceptional absences can include: holidays, family events (e.g. weddings), religious observance, caring emergencies, bereavements (except single day absence for a funeral – see above), sporting events, external exams and all other exceptional requests. Holidays should not be taken in term-time and the dates are available well in advance on the College website.

In all cases parents /carers must request authorisation from the College in advance via email or letter to reception. Exceptional absences will not be retrospectively approved. Holiday requests will be considered by the Principal. All other exceptional requests will be considered by the Assistant Principal.​