A student’s parent/carer performs a vital role in supporting their student during their studies at the College.

Business Students

While we wish for our students to retain and develop independence and responsibility for their own learning, there is a significant value in enabling a parent/carer to access information about their student quickly and easily.

The Parent & Carer Portal is designed to give a student’s parent/carer access to information about attendance, Progress Review reports, timetable, and access to the College payments system. In addition, a parent/carer will be able to access a copy of any email communications sent by the College via our database and can authorise general absences for their student.

We will always endeavour to improve and add functionality to our Parent & Carer Portal and inform all stakeholders of any future additions that we make.

How to access the Parent & Carer Portal

  • Navigate to https://connect.esher.ac.uk or click on the Parent & Carer Portal link at the top of the College Website.
  • Enter your email address and click login.
  • You will be sent an email containing a login link, simply click the link to login to the Parent & Carer portal.

Please note:

  • You must login with the email address that you have registered with us (e.g the one we use to send you emails.).
  • Only parents/carers who requested access to the Parent & Carer portal during the application process will be able to access information about their student.
  • Only parents of currently enrolled students will be able to access that Parent and Carer Portal. If you are an applicant, please login to the Online Applications system: https://apply.esher.ac.uk
  • If you have multiple students enrolled at the College you can change student using the Account menu.

All sections of the Parent & Carer Portal have a key which provides further information about the data provided. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s personal tutor, and if you have an issue with IT access, please contact ithelpdesk@esher.ac.uk.