In the second year, most students will have three core courses remaining on their programme, having dropped a subject at the end of the first year. They then pick up an Extension Course to add to their programme, helping to develop skills that are crucial to success at A level and enhance their applications to university or employment.

Second year students have a choice of Extension Studies:

An additional AS subject.

Options include Critical Thinking, World Development and Science in Society. These qualifications help to support the core subjects chosen for the second year by developing research, academic and reasoning skills and can also be useful in adding breadth to a student’s overall programme.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

This AS-equivalent qualification offers students the opportunity to carry out a research project on a topic they have chosen. They can choose a project which explores one of their core subjects in more depth, investigates an interest they have beyond their core programme or enables them to develop a talent or hobby. The EPQ provides an excellent opportunity to develop skills which are particularly relevant to and useful for university study such as planning, time management, independent research, problem solving, self-reflection and communication.

Subject-Specific Extension Courses

These courses enable students to gain a nationally recognised qualification in an area which complements and enhances one of the subjects on their core programme. Options include Community Award in Sports Leadership, Award in Graphic Design and Introduction to Counselling Skills.