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Do you like words? Have you ever wondered where names such as ‘Felicity’, ‘Justin’ or ‘Gemma’ come from? And what about brands such as ‘Nivea’, ‘Volvo’ or ‘Ambrosia’? Or more ordinary words such as ‘alien’, ‘plus’ or ‘capital’? Or terms such as N.B., or I.E.? Are you interested in languages but afraid of oral tests? Do you want to increase your English vocabulary? Are you likely to want to study Biology, Medicine or law?

Would you like to be able to read stories, poems and passages by Roman writers? Would you like to be able to translate English sentences into Latin?

If the answers to some of these are an affirmative – ‘yes’ – then you are the kind of student who is likely to enjoy learning some Latin. You’ll learn vocabulary and grammar in a group, and carry out activities to test your learning every week.

You’ll be surprised at how fast you progress if you are determined. You’ll be surprised at how many of your A Level subject specialist terms are derived from Latin. You’ll also be able to answer loads more quiz questions, crossword clues and understand the discussion in QI. Fear not – exams are not part of this course! Vale!