GCSE courses are studied over one year and are available to those students who wish to improve on the grade that they achieved at school. Students who have not achieved at least a grade 4 at GCSE in English or Mathematics will re-take this at Esher Sixth Form College.

Portrait Of English Literature Student

English Language GCSE

If you have achieved lower than a grade 4 in your GCSE English Language you will need to continue to study GCSE English Language at Esher Sixth Form College. You will develop reading and analysis skills by evaluating texts critically and exploring how writers use language and structure to achieve effects on readers. You will explore both fiction and non-fiction. You will also build on your writing skills, including narrative writing and writing to present a viewpoint, as well as working on your technical accuracy.

Your progress will be monitored throughout the course and assessment is by two written examinations and a spoken language endorsement, a 10-minute oral presentation.


Mathematics GCSE

If you achieved lower than a grade 4 in your GCSE Maths you will need to continue working towards a Maths qualification whilst you are at Esher Sixth Form College. This will usually be the GCSE Maths course where you revise the course for one year and retake exams at the end of the year.

For those students who find Maths particularly challenging, we usually also offer an alternative Maths qualification to the GCSE programme.