Following the publication of results, there are a range of services available to query a result or to obtain exam scripts.

Post Results Service requests should be made and paid for via Wisepay

There are charges for all services and strict deadline dates, some very soon after the publication of results. A useful information sheet explaining all services, the circumstances in which they should be used, and important guidance can be found below.

If a student feels they did better than their result reflects and wish to challenge it, an exam board will carry out a review of marking. This means that an examiner will look at the exam paper, check that the mark scheme was applied correctly during the original marking and assess whether it is free from error and represents a ‘reasonable academic judgement’. They will not mark the paper again. Only those marks that are the result of a genuine marking error, not a difference in judgement, will be changed.

A Level students – if a university place depends on the result and they strongly feel they did better than their grade reflects, they should use the priority review service 2P. There is not enough time to get the paper back. If a university place is not affected but a student still would like to question their mark, we would advise getting the paper(s) back first and using that to decide whether to apply for a review. Students who have left Esher College can continue to use their Wisepay account to request post results services as portal access will now remain until the end of September, or by completing the relevant section of the Post-Results forms below and submitting the form and relevant payment in person. Providing a personal email address is essential for communications.

AS students - the first opportunity for a discussion about results in general and initial thoughts about reviews or resits will be with a student’s personal tutor on Re-Enrolment Day (Monday 4th September). Once teaching starts a student should also discuss with relevant subject teachers before deciding to have paper(s) reviewed or put in for a resit. Students can of course request copy scripts (ATS Copy) to help with that conversation and decision; please note they would have to do this by the 24th August deadline. Students moving into their second year can use WisePay, our college payments system, to request and pay for ​Post Results Services. WisePay will show the units and services the student is eligible for, as well as their associated costs.

Please be aware that coursework or controlled assessments, work that is marked internally and then moderated by an exam board, are not included in Post Results Services. This includes the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification​). If an exam board changes marks through the moderation process, the college is able to query that change by requesting re-moderation, however that would be for a whole cohort not an individual candidate. This would be a college decision and permission from all candidates would be sought before going ahead as mark can go down, stay the same, as well as go up.



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