​​​​The Examinations Office at Esher College is here to help guide students through the examination and assessment process and to ensure that the arrangements made for sitting public examinations are in full compliance with JCQ and examination board regulations.​

Assessment and Examination Guide

This yearly guide is produced for students and their parents/guardians to provide detailed information on the following:

  • Key Dates
  • Exam Entries & Resits
  • Timetables, Exam Venues, Exam Times, Absence/lateness
  • Access Arrangements, Illness
  • Exam Clashes, Exam Room Conduct
  • Exam Materials
  • Practical/oral exams, Coursework & Controlled Assessment
  • Results
  • Post Results Services, Certificates

Assessment and Examination Guide

The Exam​​s Timetable

Please find the summer 2017 exam timetables below:

Summer 2017 College Exam Timetable

Summer 2017 College Exam Timetable + extra curricular languages

AQA Exam Timetable GCE June 17

AQA Exam Timetable GCSE June 17

AQA Exam Timetable GCSE November 16

OCR Exam Timetable GCE June 17

Pearson Exam Timetable GCE June 17

WJEC Exam Timetable GCE June 17 

​JCQ Regulations​ 2016/17

Controlled Assessments


Information for Candidates - Non Examination Assessments

On Screen Test


Social Media

Information for Candidates - Written Examinations

Warning to Candidates

No Mobile Phone poster

College Polici​​es

Exam Policy

Coursework Appeals

External Appeals