​​​​​​​​​​​Leavers only can use this page to apply and pay for Post Results Services. Please ensure you have read the Post Results Services before proceeding!  6.1 students should use WisePay.​

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Priority Review of Marking

Use this service if you would like to request an urgent review of the original marking for a particular unit or module to ensure the agreed mark schem​e has been applied correctly.

The deadline for ordering this is 26th August @ 3pm.  You will recieve the outcome within 18 calendar days.

This service can only b​e used if your place in Higher Education this year depends on the outcome​.​

Price: £50
Code: PR

Admission Number:


I, the student, confirm that the details above are correct. I also acknowledge that a Review of Marking may cause my mark to go down, stay the same or go up.

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