​​In A level subjects all students will complete Progression Exams during the summer term of their first year.

For written subjects, the exams will take place in May, just before half term. Whilst these exams are not external exams run by exam boards, they are formal exams run in the same way as A levels, in main exam venues with invigilators. Progression Exams are intended to test knowledge and skills learnt during the first year and evidence a student’s potential to achieve in the subject by the end of their two year programme. The overall exam grade achieved in each individual A level subject will be published as a Current Grade in the PR4 letter sent late in June. For A level subjects predicted grades will also be present within the PR4 report.

The PR4 report will not feature Current Grades for BTEC subjects as all such courses complete an external qualification at the end of the 6.1 year. Reporting on completed 6.1 BTEC qualifications will take place via the portal in mid-August. As a result, BTEC predicted grades will be published via the portal before teaching begins in September.​

In the current climate of covid-19 it is unlikely that Progression Exams will be able to be held as formal exams en masse in college venues such as the Sports Hall.  Arrangements for this year's assessments are to be confirmed.​