Gifted and Talented Students

​Esher College uses GCSE data and teacher assessment to identify students with higher achievement potential (HAPs). A range of challenging extension activities are provided within departments and across college. Students who are achieving at a high level in sport have the opportunity to be part of our Roll of Sporting Excellence (ROSE) programme. The Music and Drama departments also provide support for individuals with particular talents in these fields.

There is a designated Oxbridge co-ordinator who runs a comprehensive programme of activities for potential Oxbridge candidates. A wide range of super curricular study opportunities are made available, which include outreach events organised by both Oxford and Cambridge, as well in house preparation workshops.

Students applying for medicine, dentistry and veterinary sciences are also provided with specialist and targeted support, to enable them to make the most competitive applications possible.

In addition to these programmes, individual subject departments offer a range of extension activities designed to extend student learning beyond the confines of the syllabus.