​We offer students a full range of resources to support their course of study.  ​There are two LRCs at Esher, both provide a light and spacious environment for studying, with a qualified Librarian and friendly staff always on hand to help. 

Our web pages provide access to an excellent range of e-resources and online databases, supporting independent research both on and off campus.

In the main LRC there is an extensive library of over 18,000 titles, in addition to a computer suite of 115 PCs

We have a large selection of journals and newspapers available, as well as ​DVDs, which can be borrowed free of charge. There are two separate areas available for students who prefer to work in a silent environment, which is ideal during the exam period. You will also find our stationery shop and equipment loans store where students can also borrow a wide range of equipment, such as digital cameras, digital note-takers, headphones and card readers.

In LRC2 there are a further 22​ open access PCs

This area provides space for group work in a slightly more relaxed working environment. Our staff are always pleased to help you find the information you need, and to help you to develop the skills required to use our resources and carry out independent research effectively.