​​The College’s system for tracking and reporting on academic progress is called Progress Review. It provides regular, timely, clear and detailed information to students, parents / carers and staff.

There are four Progress Reviews in the 6.1 year (November, January, March and June) and three Progress Reviews in the 6.2 year (November, January and March). Each Progress Review includes:

  • Progress Review Data - Current Grade, Estimated Grade, Effort Grade & Attendance
  • Progress Review Letter - emailed to parents/carers and students showing data
  • Progress Review Meetings - between the student and either the tutor or teacher
  • Progress Review Evenings - for parents/carers and students to meet with teachers
  • Progression Exam Clinic ​- for parents/carers and students to meet with teachers/Tutor Team Leaders

More information about the Progress Review system can be found by clicking on the link below:

Progress Review 2018-19