‚ÄčThe College offers full-time, two year study only and it is expected that all students will continue on to 6.2 with three subjects (or equivalent).

Most students therefore will need to drop one of their 6.1 subjects. They will then select a  Progression Pathways option to add to their three core subjects.

All students are asked to indicate their likely 6.2 subjects towards the end of their 6.1 studies. Until they complete re-enrolment, however, full attendance in the remaining subject and completion of all assessment is part of the student contract. This is particularly important during the summer timetable in June and July, when all students start with the 6.2 content of their courses.

On re-enrolment day in early September (see Important Dates) all new 6.2 students discuss their 6.2 course choice with their tutor.

Most students will select their best three subjects, but sometimes more complicated choices based on planned resits or progression plans at university can involve complex discussions.

Clearly we want all students to achieve their potential and secure the best grades possible at the end of their first year. This is vital as progressing into 6.2 with low grades has a negative impact on student motivation. 6.1 grades are the basis for UCAS predictions and achieving strong grades in the first year is the best way to ensure good final grades at the end of two years. Our absolute minimum requirement of all students to re-enrol into 6.2 is to pass two subjects or equivalent. Students who do not achieve the minimum expectations detailed above will not be able to study at the College.