​​We want all our students to achieve their potential at Esher Sixth Form College and be able to progress successfully on to further studies and employment. The College aims to provide all students with an outstanding educational experience. In turn, all students are expected to put in outstanding effort. Together, these contributions will ensure excellent outcomes.

Progress Review in the 6.1 Year 

The system of reporting to both students and parents/carers at the College is called Progress Review (PR). In the 6.1 year three PR reports will provide data on academic progress in each subject. Teachers and tutors will ensure that students and parents understand the data and how to improve. Students are expected to respond to targets set in order to achieve their potential. These reports will therefore show a student’s direction of travel during their first year. Where it is evident during the year that students are at risk of not passing a subject, this will have been raised formally with students and parents/carers via the Cause for Concern Procedures. 

6.1 Progress Review 3 & BTEC qualification results 

In A level subjects all students will complete Progression Exams during the summer term. Progression Exams are intended to test knowledge and skills learnt during the first year and evidence a student’s potential to achieve in the subject by the end of their two year programme. The overall exam grade achieved in each individual A level subject will be published as a Current Grade in the PR3 letter sent on June 25th. For A level subjects, UCAS Grades will also be present within the PR3 report. If due to the impact of COVID 19 we are unable to run on-site Progression Exams, alternative opportunities for assessment to inform Progress Review 3 Current Grades will be provided. The PR3 report will only feature Current and UCAS Grades for BTEC subjects that do not complete an external qualification at the end of the 6.1 year. This Current Grade will be informed by completed units and/or other assessments. Reporting on completed 6.1 BTEC qualifications will take place via the portal on BTEC results day. As a result, BTEC courses completing an external qualification in the 6.1 year will publish UCAS Grades via the portal before teaching begins in September. 

Continuation into the 6.2 year 

Clearly, we want all students to achieve their potential and secure the best grades possible at the end of their first year. This is vital, as progressing into 6.2 with lower than expected grades has a negative impact on student motivation. The PR3 Current Grades are the basis for UCAS Grades and achieving strong grades in the first year is the best way to ensure good final grades at the end of a two year study programme. The minimum College expectation of all students in order to have a viable study programme in the 6.2 year is to pass and continue with, at least two subjects or equivalent at the end of the 6.1 year (e.g. 2 A level subject or a BTEC Diploma). If students are to progress but do not have a full study programme of three subjects (or equivalent) then an alternative subject will be added to their study programme in discussion with their Tutor Team Leader at the ‘Start of 6.2 Day’ in September. 

Continuation on Individual Subjects 

For A level and BTEC students it is expected that students will complete and pass at PR3 in each subject in order to progress into 6.2 year in that subject. For BTEC courses completing an external qualification in the 6.1 year, this means achieving a Pass grade or higher in their 6.1 BTEC results. Where there are concerns about progression in individual subjects or into the 6.2 year, these issues will be addressed in post-Progress Review 3 activity and at Start of 6.2 Day.