The College has adopted a consistent and fair approach to predicting grades for UCAS that is based primarily on the 6.1 results (AS level or BTEC) that students achieve in August of their first year. 

For most students then, their UCAS predicted grades will be exactly the same as their 6.1 grades. However, acknowledging that students can improve their grades during their 6.2 year we do increase some students’ UCAS predicted grades using the approaches summarised below. 

Old Modular A levels

Students receive UMS scores for each unit taken and for the AS level qualification overall. Using this information we automatically increase a student’s UCAS predicted grade in an A level if they are within 25% of the next grade above. For example a student with a very strong B at AS will be predicted an A for A level overall. However A* predictions for old modular A levels are not made in this way. A* grades are awarded on performance in the A2 units at the more demanding A2 standard, and we predict them through professional judgement, based on the evidence available, exercised in a consistent way in each course.

New Linear A levels

Students will receive whole grades only for their AS results on new Linear A levels. Departments can exercise their discretion as to cases in which a student's UCAS predicted grade should be raised. This professional judgement will be based on the overall evidence available.

Whatever the course studied in the first year at College, it is clear that students must strive to achieve the best possible grades. Students should not work on the basis that they can easily improve grades in their second year, nor that the College will make exceptions to the predicted grade procedures.

Appealing against predicted grades

Appeals may be lodged with the appropriate Divisional Director based only on extreme extenuating circumstances that caused a student to underperform in 6.1. Since all students should inform the College of any issues that may affect their exam performance in the lead up to exams and, where appropriate, will have received access arrangements or had special consideration applied for, it is extremely unusual that such appeals against predicted grades are successful.

 Predicted Grades for UCAS applications during 2018/19

The College is considering possible changes to its approach and will publish the agreed policy by the end of the autumn term 2017.