Max came to Esher from Whitgift School to study PE, Biology and 3D Design.

“I want to study Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy at Nottingham University. I chose Esher as I like how I can be more in control of my own time and schedule. I like the flexibility to balance my studies alongside my other sporting and fitness interests.”

Extension Studies: Men's Rugby Team (6.1, 6.2) Duke of Edinburgh (Gold) (6.1, 6.2)

Max playing rugby

An example day in Max's timetable

Front of college


Travel to College

Max lives in Wandsworth and after a short bus ride meets his friends at Totting Bec station to catch the train together straight into Thames Ditton.


Approved Max Close Up Pe Lesson


Period 1 - PE

I have double PE today. We usually always start the session with retrieval to refresh ourselves on previous learning. We sit at tables of four as there is a lot of group work and discussion in the course.

Currently we are learning about biomechanics and forces in movement. We’ve just completed our practical in pre-industrial sport and visited Hampton Court to experience how Henry VIII played tennis.

Cafe staff holding out a costa and a muffin



It’s always coffee for me at break time. Or a hot chocolate.

The Costa available in the cafés are cheaper than the high street – got to take advantage of that!

Max At Group Table In Pe Lesson


Period 2 - PE

I have the same person as my PE teacher, my rugby coach and my tutor. I really value this as I think she has gotten to know me very well, and is always supportive, guiding and approachable.

Max with microscope in biology


Period 3 - Biology

We are learning about how the brain works – development and perception, how neurons are activated and the different uses for each part of the brain.

I particularly enjoy how learning is approached in this lesson. We start by reviewing the topic at home with supplied materials. We then come to class ready to discuss it in depth and then build on that knowledge. I think it really maximises our lesson time.


Period 4 - Lunch

Depending on time, I either get lunch at one of the College cafés or go to one of the local shops and eateries. My friends and I either sit in the café back at College or, if the weather is warmer, we’ll go out on to the fields to throw a ball or frisbee around.

Men's rugby team


Period 5 - Rugby (Team Sports)

This was an obvious choice as an extension study for me as I love rugby and play at club level.

I wanted to join a competitive team at the College to continue to develop my skills and be able to play other different teams regularly. We have a fixture against another College almost every Wednesday and the standard is high, which I enjoy.

Men's rugby lineout


Period 5 - Rugby (Team Sports)

Joining the rugby team was fantastic, particularly in the first year, from a social point of view as it’s a great group. I widened my circle of friends almost immediately – we have a lot of fun!

LRC1 students studying


Home time

Most days, I will use this time to go to the gym before going home to do some more work.

On Thursdays, I use my private study time in the library and wait for my friends to finish. We’ll then all catch the train home together.

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