​​The Preliminary and First Steps Stages are for beginners in the language. On completing this stage, students should be able to understand standard speech relating to a range of predictable everyday matters. Topics include getting and giving information, using numbers and time, and talking about present, future and past events.​

The Advanced stage builds on the Intermediate stage including the topics listed above, as well as talking about conditions and consequences, and giving advice. The vocabulary used will include a wide range of items of everyday communication and common idiomatic expressions. Students should have attended at least 30 hours of tuition at Intermediate level.

Assessments will be set in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and on successful completion, students will be awarded an Esher College certificate.

Language Survival Courses

These short courses provide an introduction to the language with some ‘survival’ skills allowing you to greet somebody, indicate difficulty in understanding someone, exchange simple information about yourself, make some simple requests, and find your way to a specific place. The courses are also ideal tasters for the Preliminary stage language courses​.

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