​If you are interested in gaining a qualification in Interior Design,  brushing up on your art skills, or improving the quality of your photography, why not try one of our courses listed below.

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Abstract Painting

​​Discover abstract painting and learn how to keep alive the freedom of expression and individual styles without the anxiety of trying to replicate an image.

During the course you will focus on technical picture elements providing methods of painting that will stimulate creativity. Students do not have to have any painting experience and each week you will be taught how to use brushes, the palette knife, paints and colour effectively, building painting skills as well as widening your imagination and developing originality. To help you understand the abstract way of painting we will also examine the works of historical and contemporary abstract artists and explore why various images are expressive, inspiring and original.

This course runs on Tuesday nights at 19:00-21:00 and lasts for 10 weeks.


Basic Drawing for Beginners

Develop imaginative and direct observational drawing skills through sketchbook research! Build a personal record of work and understand what you are drawing by becoming involved with the images that you choose to draw. Investigate ideas for murals, develop texture illustration in depth or simply master basic drawing techniques. Throughout the course students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and mediums, and study will include the work of other artists. This course would be ideal for both beginners and more experienced students.

This course runs on Tuesday nights at 19.00 - 21.00 and lasts for 10 weeks.


Interior Design for Beginners

Courses designed to enhance your living space:
Term 1 - A practical course instructing the student on how to make the most of space in a room of their choice.
Through the use of design boards and colour scheming a welcoming environment can be achieved.
Term 2 - Instruction on effective planning and avoid costly mistakes. Enhance any space using lighting techniques in a practical and aesthetically pleasing manner.
Term 3: Instruction on effective planning and avoid costly mistakes. Enhance any space using lighting techniques in a practical and aesthetically pleasing manner.

This course runs on Tuesday nights at 18:30-20:30 and lasts for 10 or 11 weeks.


Life Drawing and Painting

Through life drawing and painting learners will have the chance to observe and practise gesture, tone and proportion, including the study of drapery and how materials and clothes invite expression, form and colour to paintings.  Students will concentrate on the use of colour, using both wet and dry media (water-colours, inks, acrylics, pastels and oil pastels) and will be encouraged to mix and experiment with materials and textures that will enable creative expression to be developed in a personal way.  The course fee includes model fees.
Students will need to bring some materials with them.  Advice will be given on the first night of the course but an introductory list will be sent to you with the confirmation of your booking.

This course runs on Wednesday nights 19.00 - 21.00 and lasts for 10 weeks


Lino-cut Printing

Lino-cut printing is a fun and absorbing way of turning your drawings into creative prints. Once you have cut your lino you can print as many copies as required and with experimentation prints can be black and white or coloured.

During this course you will be taught how to draw your image, apply the drawing onto the lino ready for cutting, cut the lino and finally print with water-based ink, producing creative and original outcomes.  Students are free to work both in a realistic way or abstract. Lino-cut printing is a process that is steeped in tradition and students will be introduced to the ideas and prints that historical artists have produced.  This course is suitable for all abilities and levels.

This course runs on Tuesday evenings 19.00 - 21.00 for 5 weeks


Photographic Skills - from Basic to Brilliant

This is a story-telling based photography course which looks at core camera skills such as lighting, lenses and exposures, backed up by industry standard Photoshop skills. The course builds up to a project where participants create their own photographic story. The art of visual story telling provides a narrative structure and clear purpose for capturing any activity or event. This is a highly interactive course, which gives participants the confidence to step out on their own, using their camera to photograph subjects that inspire and capture their imagination. Suitable for beginners, more experienced photographers looking for a new angle and everyone in between.

The course runs on Wednesady evenings for 10 weeks 18.00 - 20.00


PowerPoint - an Introduction

​Are you ever required to produce a presentation? PowerPoint topics covered include: Creating slides, using Themes, inserting and resizing images, animating text and images and much more.

The course runs on Wedensday evenings for 5 weeks 19.00 - 21.00