​If you are interested in gaining a qualification in Interior Design,  brushing up on your art skills, or improving the quality of your photography, why not try one of our courses listed below.

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Printing techniques with Lino

Lino-cut printing is a fun and absorbing way of turning your drawings into creative prints. Once you have cut your lino you can print as many copies as required and with experimentation prints can be black and white or coloured.

During this course you will be taught how to draw your image, apply the drawing onto the lino ready for cutting, cut the lino and finally print with water-based ink, producing creative and original outcomes.  Students are free to work both in a realistic way or abstract. Lino-cut printing is a process that is steeped in tradition and students will be introduced to the ideas and prints that historical artists have produced.  This course is suitable for all abilities and levels.

This course runs on Tuesday evenings 19.00 - 21.00 for 5 weeks